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DREXHAGE STRUCTURES has been based in Sonoma County for more than 25 years. As a licensed general contractor we provide services from conceptual design through turn key construction completion.

We are often called in to provide the home owner with only concepts and feasibility of how a given property could be modified to meet their requirements. This is typically presented in plan and elevation drawings or scale model form. The fee for this work is modest and based on project size.

The majority of our work, whether or not permits are required, involves preparation of specifications and working drawings for competitive pricing. Should the project require a building permit, we will provide the required reports and engineering for that purpose.

With plans and specifications completed the work can be put out for costing. As every bid is based on the same specs, the playing field has leveled.

Depth of experience, great customer relations, attention to detail (and budgets), on-site management – we bring all these resources to every project we do.